Gas Cylinder Tank Blasting ServiceBlasting includes two steel shot blasters with capability of blasting all types and sizes of cylinders.  Ranging from High Pressure 2 ½# to 6000 PSI cylinders.  Low Pressure 20# Propane to 100# Propane. Acetylene 75cf to 420cf.



Compressed Gas Cylinder Testing ServiceTesting includes four Galiso hydrostatic testing stations with capability of testing all sizes of cylinders Medical and Industrial.  All testing procedures are in compliance with D.O.T. CFR-49 and TC B339.



Compressed Gas Cylinder Painting ServicePainting includes two paint lines with capability to paint all types and sizes of cylinders.  Our paint services include custom color schemes along with painting caps, neck rings, shoulders, stripes and stenciling.


Aluminum Refurbishment

Compressed Gas Cylinder Aluminum Refurbishment ServiceAluminum Refurbishment includes plastic media blast to remove existing paint and clear coat then goes through a series of processes to restore original finish.  Following with the application of shoulder paint, Heat Sensitive Coat and Clear Coat resulting in a like new finish.


Low Pressure

Midwest offers a 5 year visual test for most low pressure cylinders along with blast and paint.
Ranging from 20# grill, 33# forklift to 500# “Pig” LP cylinders.



Cryogenic Repair

Midwest Cylinder is now offering cryogenic repair.  Please contact our Sales Representative Bob Swanson (610) 704-7977